#70:Halloween special w/King Diamond

The one and only King Diamond talks about his own band and Mercyful Fate back in 1995.The quality is a little shaky on this as it was edit don the old public access channel's system and is from an old VHS tape!

#89 Switchblade Symphony/Galaxy Chamber

Goth Special:Local Psychedelic Goth band Galaxy Chamber& Switchblade Symphony:Keyboardist Susan Wallace,Vocalist Tina Root(now with Trelux) and ex-World entertainment War guitarist George Earth/This band ruled the striving goth scene of San Francisco!

Episode # 90: Fly Trap Scarlet Theory/Father Guido Sardducci

Local bay area bands  Fly Trap & Scarlet Theory at a Cannabis Club benefit . D-D-D-Danny Interviews SNL Alumni the great Father Guido Sarducci(Don Novello) Episode

#146 Fleet Week Girl Bands Special

Fleet Week Specials. Some local All girl bands entertain Sailors in San Francisco! All girl garage surf punk!The Neanderdolls featuring the very well endowed Babs MacDonald(now with "The Cheating' Kind")Tina Luchessi of the Bobby Teens & the bassist is married to Klaus Fluoride of the Dead Kennedys.  All girl slut punkers the Glamour Pussies take us around North each as they pass out flyers to their show.this was during fleet week so the girls were trying to get sailors to the show.The live sound is shit but it's still a cool segment.Featuring big girl pin up Terra Newcastle(aka:Tigger LeTwang)on vocals. Also the Loud Mouths & More!

#164: Sports Special

Sports collectors with NFL greats & an exclusive with TV's "Riddler" from the classic "Batman" 1960's TV series.Impressionist the late Frank Gorshin talking about his famous role as well as appearing on "Star Trek" & "Wonder Woman."

#165:Playboy Playmates special

#168 Wonder Con ’99 Part 2 w/Julie Strain

#174: ANVIL/Warrant/Lipstick Trix/Pantz Noyzee

Before the documentary brought them national attention "Reality Check TV" was there! Out take from episode #174(1999) Canadian Metal legends Anvil making their first live appearance in San Francisco in 11 years. An exclusive interview with guitarist/vocalist Lips. Cameo by Mike Coffey from Stone Vengeance. A quick visit with Warrant’s Jaynie Layne. Out take from episode # 174:80's glam metal parody band Pantz Noizee are posers with out purpose!! vocalist Dancyre Wilde,bassist Rocky Manchaldo,drummer Vinny Appathy and guitar god Likki Lyxx drink,take drugs make out with groupies and cause all kinds of mayhem backstage!Sex drugs and rock n' Roll at it's finest! cameos by Sleaze Patrol & Aesop of fellow spoof rock band Lipstick Trixx appear in this.

#177:KISS Farewell Tour Special

Our coverage of the San Francisco KISS convention in 1995.You'll see the TV commercial sent to us from Paul Stanley himself! See actual KISS costumes from different tours and eras,hand written lyric sheets,vintage photos,the original sketch for the Destroyer album cover,fans with tattoos,strippers in KISS make up and a performance by tribute band Cold Gin featuring Tommy Thayer (Now a member of KISS) and Jaime St. James of Black n' Blue/Warrant. Gene Simmons,Paul Stanley,Bruce Kullick,& Eric Singer answer questions from fans(including Pansy Division's Chris Freeman) and play a few songs unplugged.

#181: AVN 2000 Part 1

#182 AVN 2000 Part 2

Dragon Dave interviews the very sext triple XXX porn Star Tiffany Mynx at a VIP party we hit at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas,D-D-D-Danny licks her shoes & Tif makes out with a couple of hotties! Caught live at an exclusive VIP Party Porn Director Matt Zane fronting his industrial metal band Society 1 with Hot porn chix on stage!!

#183 AVN 2000 Part 3

#196:California Music Awards 2000

Mostly all female hard rock band Barbee Killed Kenn were one o the hottest local bands in the bay area music scene in the late 90's and early 2000's.Drunken shenanigans with vocalist Diane and bassist Athena at the 2000 California music awards(Formerly the "Bammies") Donnas drummer :Donna C." talks about being nominated for best drummer and losing to Metallica's Lars Ulrich at the California Music Awards. Buckcherry vocalist Joshua Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson interviewed . Smashmouth live and interviewed . Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett talking about the "S&M" project with the San Francisco Symphony and contributing a song to the "Mission Impossible 2" soundtrack. Exclusive live performance(with Metallica's Kirk Hammt) and interview with Eddie Money .

#201:KISS & Ted Nugget band

Episode #201 entitled "The End of the Quest For KISS" Reality Check TV has done a lot of specials with KISS but this is the ultimate! Exclusive live footage of the reunited original line up on their 2000 "Farewell Tour". We catch opening act Ted Nugget and interview bassist Marco Mendoza(Thin Lizzy/Lynch Mob) cameo by Lips of Anvil,Drum legend Tommy Aldridge has played with some of the biggest names in Metal & Rock.Interviewed back stage after performing with Ted Nugget,Tommy talks about his early days starting out with Black Oak Arkansas,Pat Travers to playing in the original Blizzard of Oz band with Ozzy Osbourne and the late great Randy Rhoads. Tommy also talks about playing in late 80's super group Whitesnake and his recent work with Thin Lizzy. Then we hit an exclusive VIP invitation only private party for the KISS video game "Psycho Circus:The Nightmare Child" featuring interviews with the makers of the game,KISS webmaster Mike Branvold,Cameo by Art Lisbon of Murdered,Hot babes and a midget in KISS make up and our luscious "Reality Chick" Morgan Hills displays her talents! FINALLY KISS!!!!

#206: Destruction/Cannibal Corpse

Bass player of one of the most extreme Death metal bands on the planet! Cannibal Corpse’s Alex Webster talks about the issues concerning the band's image,gore lyrics and censorship problems. D-D-D-Danny sits down with bassist/vocalist Schemer of German Thrash metal legends Destruction making their first San Francisco appearance in 11 years! Butchery vocalist Joshua Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson interviewed

#214: Dio/Yngwie Malmsteem,Doro

Metal Diva Doro Peshe (Ex_Warlock) on her first US Tour in over a decade! We sit down with the guitar god Yngwie Malmsteen on the first date of his American tour,showing us his guitars,seeing his "War to End All Wars" CD for the first time and killer live footage!

218: November to Dismember Metal fest part 1

We travel to San Bernadino for a 2 day Metal Festival with Matt Zane & Society one and porn stars like Tabitha Stevens. S.O.D.’s Billy Milano & Dan Lilker. Dez from Coal Chamber in a Limo singing a Metal X-mas tune Former child star turned Punk icon Brandon Cruz("Courtship of Eddie's Father")with his band the legendary Dr. Know   Dirty Rotten Imbeciles playing their greatest hits

219: November to Dismember Metalfest Part 2

Vicious Rumors,40 Grit,Topless groupies!,Swedish Black metal band Witchery with bassist Sharlee D’Angelo(Arch Enemy/Mercyful Fate) Sammy from Crowbar & Spike from D.R.I., The latest with Agent Steel,Norway’s Tristania making their first American live appearance, All girl Japanese band Yellow Machine Gun,members of Nevermore ,Transmetal from Mexico,Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph,underground Legends Jag Panzer and headlining is the might Testament!!

#225: Armored Saint/Thor

The return of Armores Saint on their reunion tour with then Anthrax vocalist John Bush. We talk to Joey Vera(also in Fate’s warning) Jon Mikl Thor aka:Thor The Rock Warrior coming back after a 15 year retirement.Thor talks about his music and movie career with new and vintage footage.See Thor bending steel and blow up a hot water bottle,flirt with groupies and more! Special cameo by L7/Pink bassist Janis Tanaka and Patrick from Pansy Division

#244: Thrash of the Titans Part 2 w/Exodus.S.O.D.,Anthrax,Vio-lence,Testament

Thrash of the Titans was a special event to raise money to help Metal Icons Chuck Billy(Testament) & Chuck Schuldiner(Death) with medical costs as both were battling cancer.

Long dead old school bands of the 80's Thrash metal movement resurrected on this night. This historic event brought the old school Thrash Metal scene back to life!

For the first time in over a decade bay area Thrashers Heathen reunite  opening the benefit show for Testament's Chuck Billy & Death's Chuck Schuldiner. Thrash of the Titans. We talk to vocalist David white(ex-Blind Illusion),guitarist Lee Altus (ex-Die Krups now with Exodus),guitarist Ira Black (Vicious Rumors/Lizzy Borden) & bassist Yaz who has sadly passed away since this was filmed.

Arizona Thrash  kings Flotsam & Jetsam replace Laaz Rockit Vocalist Eric A.K.(in what was his last show with the band) talks about the band & former bassist Jason Newsted who recently left Metallica. Look for the dude passed out on a trash can!

Bay area extreme Death Metal trio Sadus rip it up & we talk to guitarist vocalist Darren Travis & bassist Steve Digorgio (who has also played in Testament)

Going by their original monicker "Forbidden Evil", past members of Forbidden (with some help) play their classics! with vocalist Russ Anderson,original drummer Paul Bostaph (who was in Slayer at the time) .his brother Jeremy,bassist Matt Camacho, guitarists Glen Alavales, Tim Calvert & Steve Smythe. the audio in the interviews aren't that good but The crowd loved to see Forbidden on stage again!

Bay area Thrash legends Death Angel reform with their original line up & new guitarist Ted Aguilar & tear it up for a most memorable reunion performance! MC's by S.O.D.'s Billy Milano!

#244: Thrash of the Titans Part 2 w/Exodus.S.O.D.,Anthrax,Vio-lence,Testament

Part 2 of this historic event! Bay area legends Exodus reunite for a crushing set with both original vocalists the legendary Paul Baloff & Steve "Zetro" Souza(now with Hatriot) interviews with Baloff,guitarist Gary Holt, & Rick Hunolt. sadly Paul Baloff passed away 7 months after this.

New York City hardcore cross over legends S.O.D. Stormtroopers of Death) bust out their moshing masterpieces! Vocalist the ever outspoken Billy Milano(M.O.D.),is also the MC for the entire event & we talk to bassist Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault/Brutal Truth) then guitarist Scott "Not" Ian & drummer Billy Milano in their other more famous band Anthrax with vocalist John Bush (Armored Saint)

We talk to bassist Frank Bello who is interrupted by Billy Milano who begins berating RCTV's D-D-D-Danny. Classic footage!

The most anticipated band to reform for this historic event! Bay Area Thrashers Vio-lence!!! guitarists Phil Demmel(now in Machine Head),Ray vegas(ex-Attitude Adjustment) bassist Dean Dell,drummer Perry Strickland & vocalist Sean Killian. DJ Billy Steel helps with the interview & look for some stage diving by Machine Head's Adam Duce!

The man of the hour Chuck (missing hi trade mark long black mane of hair due to cancer treatments) comes out to meet the crows and get a donation from Machine Head's Adam Duce.

We talk to Chuck with his wife Tiffany & Slayer's Tom Araya with his family. Going by their original monicker Legacy (AKA Testament) the original line up blasts out the classics! Featuring vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza(Exodus) guitarists Alex Sklonick,Eric Peterson,Derrick Ramirez(Dragon Lord)bassists Greg Christian,Steve Digiorgio(Sadus), & drummers Paul Bostaph(Slayer/Forbidden/Exodus) & John Tempesta (Exodus.White Zombie/The Cult). Chuck comes out to close the show singing the Testament classic "In to the Pit"! An unforgettable history making event!

#245: Nadine’s Wild Weekend/Moss Brothers/Jason Newsted’s Echobrain

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted debuts his side project Echobrain plus an exclusive interview.Jason gives some insights on leaving Metallica and perusing Echobrain. Cameos by Metallica's Lars Ulrich,Kirk Hammet,Producer Bob Rock, & Eric A.K. of Jason's pre -Metallica band Flotsam & Jetsam.The documentary film makers for "Some Kind of Monster"  were filming this & Reality Check TV was there as well!

#252: Zodiac Mindwarp/Black Crows/Sugar Cult

The Sugar Cult Live and interviewed in an electrifying performance at The Warfield Theater back in 2001.

We welcome back the Street Walking’ Cheetahs. One of the great unheralded straight up kick ass Rock n' Roll bands that never got their due/With Frank Meir (later with Sweet Justice)

The Black Halos live and interviewed just a year before their debut CD was released!

The Black Crows accept an award for High Times Magazine filmed by "Reality Check TV". Elton John at the Virgin Megastore in NYC Making their first US appearance in almost 15 years England's Zodiac Mindwarp returns to San Francisco in this exclusive interview.Cameo by Death Angel's Mark Osegueda.

#270 Fetish Party/strippers

#274: Blue Period’s Club Glitz

Blue Period’s Club Glitz:a band we featured quite a bit in the late 90's/early 2000's who headlined their own monthly club. Witness the engagement of MC Patty O'Furniture and an interview with vocalist Adrian Roberts now known a top mash up DJ.

Hair Lair: A club  hosted by cable access colleagues the New Vegas Lounge,a Lingerie fashion show with model interviews,80's hair band tribute band Teeze with hot back up dancers,local singer Boudeeka and lots of insanity!

# 276 Black Metal

Black Metal Special!!  Mercyful Fate Tribute band Hail Satan! Guitarist vocalist Abbath of Norwegian Black Metal band Immortal while they were on tour with Manowar! One of the best interviews we've ever had! Sweden's reigning kings of Black Metal go off with very strong views against Christianity, Nazism, terrorism, Catholic Priest pedophiles & their belief in Satanism!

#278: Madam S Fetish Store/Exotic Erotic Ball ‘04

we get a tour of a San Francisco women's fetish wear store called Madame S  with lovely ladies modeling some hot latex dresses.

#279: ACE’s B-day/Cinderella

RCTV’s Ace celebrates his 40th B-day with local bands the Angry Amputees,The Servants(w/ex-Machine Head Drummer Chris Kontos & Guitarist Dave Rude now with Tesla) American Heartbreak(ex-Jetboy/Exodus members) and Sift(w/Death Ange’s Ted Aguilar) Robe Cavestany Of Death Angel & Gary Holt of Exodus attend as well. Cinderella in a rare club appearnce. Impromptu interviews with guitarist Jeff Labar,drummer Fred Coury,and Keyboardist the late Mark Purdell.

#285: Haight Street Fair ’03 w/The Tubes

Fee Waybill and the Tubes performing their greatest hits and characters!

#289 Vulture’s Row w/Machine Head Death Angel More!

Local bands the Angry Amputees,Members of Laaaz rockit,We welcome back Skinlab, Get the latest from Death Angel. Our pals in Machine Head headlining the Vulture's row festival at Treasure Island in SF.Guitarist vocalist Rob Flynn,bassist Adam Duce,Drummer Dave Mclain and new Rob’s old Vio-lence alumni,guitarist Phil Demmel.

#291: Nuclear Assault/Hammerfall/Dio

From their reunion tour NYC Thrash legends Nuclear Assault:Guitarist/vocalist John Connely & bassist Dan Lilker(S.O.D.,Brutal Truth,Anthrax)talking about their influential history. Hammerfall !The kings of swedish Power Metal in a rare American performance! One of our favorite people we've had on the show may times is Mr. Ronnie James Dio. We talk to Ronnie here on the "Killing the Dragon Tour". Ronnie talks about having his music censored during 9/11,working with Jack Black and being animated on "South Park".

#292: Cover Bands

."Reality Chick" Yvonne interviews San Francisco's all girl tribute  to AC/DC AC/DSHE.The ladies tell an interesting story of their encounter with former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony.

This version of the band had the drummer from Bottom & the "Agnes Young" both currently in all female Led Zeppelin tribute "Zepperella".

#293: Fuckingmachines.com/Jello Wrestling

Very graphic footage of a naked girl getting pounded by a Fucking Machine! Tons of bikini clad babes rasslin in jello!Don't miss the big pile up on the referee(Lucky guy!)

#294: Players Players Ball

S&M fetish event hosted by magician Paul Nathan. Fashion show from Madam-S babes in Latex,Dar Lyn Dahl of Spectator magazine & more naughty fun! Babes being spanked.with MC Paul Nathan & Spectator Magazine's dar Lyn Dahl plus Ms Nude California!

#306: Paul Baloff/Viovod(Jason Newsted)/Kreator

One the one year anniversary of his passing we visit the grave of former Exodus vocalist Paul Baloff. Former Metallica Bassist Jason Newstead in his debut live performance with Canadian Thrash greats Voivod! Interview with Jason, drummer Michel, and live footage with returning original vocalist Snake and the late Denis "Piggy" D'Amour on guitar. Guitarist vocalist Mille Petroza of Germany's Kreator. Mille talks about "Stealing" a song from Exodus,The forth coming "Get Thrashed" documentary,and how the main stream media had over looked 80's Thrash Metal and think 80's metal was all glam and hair.

#308 Chatterbox book release/Gene Simmons/Motorhead

The legendary Motorhead get some just due recognition as they're inducted in to the famous Hollywood "Rock Walk" of fame.The band is inducted by Eric Singer of KISS plus special appearances by Bob Kullick,Dark 32 & Blare N. Bitch(ex-Betty Blowtorch/Butt Trumpet)

#325: Vinyl Queen

Professional Dominatrix the Vinyl Queen gives us a tour of her play space dungeon showing us some bondage contraptions like the cock box,a crucifix chair and puts D-D-D-Danny in a cage then ties him to a post and whips him with various toys courtesy of our parental warning spokes person Mistress Vinyl Queen!

#327: Cookie Mongoloid

Ace & Huge meet a couple of intoxicated honeys that bring to Reality Check TV Head quarters who want to be spanked.Just another wild night in the life of RCTV!  “Sesame Speed Metal”!  Cookie Mongoloid and his bands teaches us about up & down,the number 6,being fuzzy and blue and more!

#328: Space Vacuum/Secret Synthi/Nikki & the Corvettes/Balre Bitch Project

From the planet Hoover in the Galaxy of Eureka comes the Assex siblings of the band Space Vacuum From Outer Space!!! all girl synth rock band in Supergirl capes.CUTE! Nicki Corvette and her band rock Thee Park side club in San Francisco with a sold out crowd.A bubble gum garage punk rock don 60's girl group style. Outtake Ex-Betty Blowtorch/Butt Trumpet guitarist Blare N. Bitch and Ex-Leather Panties/Mystery City guitarist Punky's short lived project.Now they both play in Suckerstar.

#323 Fetish Party

Reality Check TV goes to a foot fetish party! We welcome back our friend fetish model Alexis Fire as she contorts her body and has Dragon Dave & D-D-D-Danny play with her feet. Also Footnight  party organizer Steve Savage.

We meet a Foot model who does the splits and needs a lift!

We Welcome back dominatrix the Vinyl Queen getting her feet rubbed and being worshipped like the goddess that she is!Is Dragon Dave a Pussy for not letting her spank him?

We talk to dominatrix Morgan Sterling getting her feet rubbed and demonstrating her skills with a flogger!

We welcome back porn star Christi Lake talking about having her feet rubbed, her fan sex series, and shows us her KISS panties!!

BANNED ON YOU TUBE! A guy attempts to set a world record by having 20 hot women stand on him in their bare feet! Porn star Christi Lake hosts this segment with Alexis Fire,the Vinyl Queen & more

#324: 2004 Wonder Con

Sites and scenes from the 2004 Wonder Con a convention of sci fi,horror and comics. Fans in costume ranging from Star Wars,The teen Titans & more. Cameos by Bay Area  Creature Features hosts John Stanley and the late Bob Wilkins,The Kwoon,Mr Lobo,see Jim Carey's actual Riddler costume from the film "Batman Forever" ,comic artist Neal Adams & more.

We welcome back actor Don Pedro Colley best remembered for his role in "Beneath The Planet of the Apes",Sheriff Little of "The Dukes of Hazard" and George Lucas' first film THX 1138.

We welcome back actor Herb Jefferson Jr best known for his role at Lt Boomer on the sci fi tv series "Battlestar Galactica" and gives us his take on the new relaunched version of the series.

We meet up again with our good friend Keith "Keefe" Knight author of the nationally syndicated comic strip The K Chronicles" and the rap group the Marginal Prophets. Keefe talks about his new books and his band California Music awards nomination.

#325: 2004 Wonder Con

We talk to former child star Jon provost who played Timmy and the TV classic "Lassie" and talks about his years on the series,how he got the role,working with June Lockhart and making a movie with Kurt Russell.

Once again we meet up with Mad Magazine artist Sergio Arogones talking about his 40 years at the magazine,how he relaxes & draws us a picture!

We talk to actor Lance Henriksen about his role as an android in the sci fi horror classic "Aliens",His role in "Alien vs Predator" and the tv series "Millennium".and more.

An Exclusive! Actor Sid Haig who played "Captain Spaulding" in the Rob Zombie directed Horror classic "House of a Thousand Corpses" and "The Devil's Reject shows us his Captain Spaulding action figure & mask,Playing the bad guy on "Jason Of Star Command" and working with Rob Zombie.

Penthouse Pet Aimees Sweet plugs her website and shows us some hot photos!

Toby Maguire answers questions with fans promoting "Spiderman 2" Former Exodus bassist Mike Butler gives us the scoop about Toby's early career on the short lived early 90's Fox sitcom "Great Scott" Maguire starred in and Exodus had a cameo in this film.

#336: Steven Adler/2003 in review

Steven Adler,former guns-n-roses drummer talks to Dragon Dave of Reality check t.v about his new band "Adler's appetite",he also talks about the recording of the album appetite for destruction and a story from the guns-n-roses behind the music series on vh-1. A Final goodbye to those we lost in ’03 band a musical collage reel of all the episodes we aires in ’03!

#349: Backyard Babies/Sugar Cult/Twisted Sister

Interview with guitarist Dragon of Sweden's Backyard Babies(also in the hellacopters)with some kick ass live footage & music video clips!

Outtake from episode #349.Minus Dee Snider Twisted Sister performs their hit "We're Not Gonna Take iT" at a party for NAMM 2006.The band talks about rerecording their classic album "Stay Hungry" with a special appearance by Marco from the Sugar Cult.

#353: Dracula Tour w/"Eddie Munster" Butch Patrick

The Dracula tour! Reality Check TV travels all the way to Romania in Transylvania for the Dracula tour! a real tour that happens a few times a year. We visit vampire themed restraints and events,see a reenactment of a witch trial and then visit the actual grave of Vlad Tempest the real life Dracula! The event is topped doff with a Halloween party at the actual Castle Dracula! Featuring celebrity guest "Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster on the TV classic "the Munsters".

# 356: Overkill/Thor/M.O.D.

We sit down with vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth of pioneering New York City Thrash metal band Overkill. We Get the latest from Thor the Rock Warrior! Out  The always out spoken Billy Milano of M.O.D.(Method ofof Destruction) & S.O.D. talking trash on his record label and other things.With ex-Laaz Rockit/Killing Culture/Skinlab guitarist Scott Sargeant. Look for a special cameo by Karen Crisis of the band Crisis mimicking Billy in a hilarious prank!

#360: Thrash Against Cancer w/Testament

An all day Metal show to raise money for cancer MC’s by former Exodus vocalist “Steve “Zetro” Souza. Bay area Thrash Veterans Chaos on the side stage..Dreams of Damnation featuring former Dark Angel guitarist Jim Durkin. original "Maiden on speed" band Agent Steel caught live Interview with guitarist Juan Garcia(ex-Abatoir) the live sound is a little muddy but it's still a cool segment. Former Anthrax vocalist Neil Turbin with his band Death Riders busts out some Anthrax classics as well as his own newer material The original Laaz Rockit reunites! Also  Hirax!  The original Testament line up headlines the Thrash Against Cancer benefit in San Francisco with a special guest duet with former Exodus vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza (who originally sang for Testament when they were called Legacy)

#363: Trash  

it's a mad, mad, mad world with crazy rockers the Womentors - a female Mentors cover band, Arnocorps - the govinator's own band, and Nashville Pussy -down home trailer trash rocking!

#364: Exotic Erotic Ball '05(part 1)

Part 1 of our annual coverage of the Exotic erotic Halloween ball at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.Hustler magazine's Larry Flynt gets a life time achievement award presented by ball producer Perry Mann.Interviews with adult film stars Tabitha Stevens,Racquel Devine,Alexis Fire,The Porcelain Twins,Erotic Ball MC Paul Nathan,Luna Girls,KISS tribute band "Larger Than Life",Suzy Ming,Jazzy from the New Century,and Dennis Hof of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch MC's the costume contest plus lots of scantily clad women!!

#365 Exotic Erotic ball '05 part 2

Sampler of Episode 365.Part 2 of our coverage of the 2005 Exotic Erotic Halloween Ball at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.Featuring porn  stars C.J. Lang,Keisha,Racquel Devine,Alexis Fire,Erotic Ball MC Paul Nathan,Money Banks,Dennis Hof of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch,80's new wave greats Bow Wow Wow("I Want Candy")and the Ms. Exotic Erotic contest.

#366  Wonder Con ‘06

Wonder con means hanging out with old pals! Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca in Star Wars, Noel Neil the original "Lois Lane" from the Superman TV series,Sara Douglas(Superman 2/Conan the Destroyer) Keith Knight(K-chronicles)TV Horror host Mr. Lobo & the Queen of Trash from "Cinema Insomnia",cameos by Yvonne "Batgirl" Craig Superman 2's Jack O'Halleron,& director Brian Singer & star Brandon Ruth of "Superman returns".

#367 :Gumby,Smash Mouth, 45 Grave, Tommy Chong

Reality check covers it all! Gumby's 50th anniversary with Art Clokey & Smash Mouth! We visit Tommy Chong of "Cheech & Chong" fame, check out the band Solid State logic . Dinah Cancer and her all new line up of horror punk legends 45 Grave! Dinah talks about her past appearances on "Reality Check TV' with her previous band Penis Flytrap to getting the rights to her old band's name and relaunching the legendary 45 Grave!

#368 Gratuitous Nudity

Our coverage of the Mondo Porno party with gender bending MC Fudgie,macabre stripper Bombshell Betty,some strange bands and assorted characters next we hit a Wet T-shirt contest and meet XXX star Pinky!We visit San francisco strip Club "Club Paree" with The lovely Candy Doll of the Black widows and the very naughty Phoenix from Playboy.

#369 Exotic Erotic Ball 2006

(also our year in review special)Our Annual coverage of the Exotic Erotic Halloween Ball at the world famous Cow Palace in San Francisco.Local bands The X-Rated Porno Machine,The Eric Mcfadden trio,Smash Up Derby,porn Star Violet Blue,Erotic Ball MC Paul Nathan,*0's new Wave Star Thomas Dolby("She Blinded me With Science")the legendary George Clinton and the P-Funk All stars and of course the Costume and Ms Exotic Erotic contests!

#370 Haight street Fair '06

One of our favorite events.The 29th annual Haight Street Fair on of the rockiness parties in town!Featuring street band The Fillmore Street Express,Mina Harker of the SF Vampire tour,The All Time Highs(featuring Mark Osegueda of Death Angel),Anvil Chorus, Nikki Blakk of 107.7 "The Bone", the reunion of local legends Touch me Hooker and legendary punk band Flipper! Dedicated to the memory of Fair Founder Pablo Heising

#371 Ruthie's Inn Reunion

3 minute sampler from the Ruthie's Inn Reunion Show" Celebrating the memory of one of the greatest Thrash Metal/Punk clubs in the bay area.Featuring promoter Wes Robinson just months before he untimely passing.MDC unplugged,Mordred,Possessed,Spastic Children,Stone Vengeance,Verbal Abuse,Arnocorps,Exodus,The All Time Highs(with Mark Osegueda of Death Angel)

#372 "Musical Mayhem"

Featuring the Bodog battle of  the bands competition at Slim's in SF.Stoner Rockers High On Fire. Thrash metal legends Hallow's Eve and Hirax, German Power metal band Leaves Eyes with vocalist Liv Christine(ex Theater of Tragedy)

#373: The Iron Maidens, Testament, Mortiss

Entitled "Metal to Industrial". We start off with all female Iron maiden tribute band "the Iron Maidens(with Linda McDonald from Phantom Blue on drums)Next we get an update with Chuck Billy from Testament and back stage shenanigans with other bay area thrash stars from Vicious Rumors & Exodus. Then we go industrial with Norway's Mortiis!

#374 AVN ‘06

Part 1 of our annual visit to the "Adult Entertainment Expo".Porn Stars Galore!!Models Lana Kinear & Meriah Nelson,Anita Cannibal,Bobby Black(High Times magazine)"Editrix" Abby(Mondo Porno Parties)Fitness superwomen Lauren Powers & Gayle Moore,2006 Penthouse magazine "Pet of The Year"Jamie Lynn,Rebecca Love,Summer Sin,Ashley Blue,Nina Hartley,Casey Monroe,Missy Monroe,Armored saint,Glenn Danzig,Masuimi Max,cameo by Jenna Jameson,Alana Evans,The Live On cam Girls & babes O' plenty!!!

#375 AVN '06 part 2 Tera Patrick,MC Hammer,P Diddy

3 minute sampler of part 2 of our coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo from 2006! We hit some parties & meet the cast of "Bite" an erotic vampire musical.We run in to MC Hammer then it's back to the Expo!Ron Jeremy,Dennis Hof(Moonlight Bunny ranch)Johnny Buss(LA Lakers GM)Ruby,Kylie Ireland,Penn Jillete(Penn & Teller)Amazon Model Alexis Sky,Missy Monroe,Nicole Sheridan,Giant boob queens Echo Vally & Minka,Hustler Magazine's Larry Flynt,Brandy Love,Tiffany Rain,Verne "Mini Me" Troyer,Sean "Diddy" Combs,Lexington Steele,Tera Patrick,Evan Seinfeld,Tawny Roberts,former WCW Diva Tylene "Major Guns" Buck,"Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss,& Babes o' Plenty!!!

#376 Enslaved/Gorgoroth/celtic Frost

Gruttle from Norway’s Enslaved,Bassist King Ov Hell from controversial Norwegian Black Metal band Gorgoroth the Celtic Frost! Sadly these thrash legends disbanded once again but this feature covers a lot of ground in to the band history from their thrash beginnings,changes and the controversial glam phase bringing them to return to form after many years being broken up.Cameos by Mortiis & S.O.D.

#377 NYC

We visit CBGB's & give a tour just months before this legendary venue shut down. We visit the offices of High Times magazine with our pal Bobby Black & meet comedienne Yvonne Mohica. We get the latest from the She Wolves. Twisted Sister's A.J. Pero does a drum clinic.then an exclusive! The reunion of Circus of Power with special guests the Cycle Sluts from Hell!

#380 Goth

This is an excellent look in to the bay area's dark Goth underground scene! As scene in the movie "Mad Max III:Beyond Thunder-dome" Contestants actually compete in a replication combat dome using foam weapons all in fun.Also see belly dancing,fire dancing,opera singing,electric sculptures & lots-a Goth babes!

#385 NAMM ’07 Part 1

Reality Check TV #386  NAMM '07 part 2

The thrilling conclusion of our coverage of the 2007 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) convention. A very METAL episode featuring interviews with members of Laaz Rockit, The Ruffians, Othello's Revenge,Testament,Dublin Death Patrol,The Peppermint Creeps, Kim "Peaches" Manning of George Clinton's Parliament/Funkadelic & VH1's "Flavor of Love",Dio's Rudy Sarzo, Yngwie Malmsteen(live)Graham Bonnet and his all new Alcatrazz line up, a cameo by Lacey(Vh1's "Rock of Love") and Chris Impelliteri.

We hit the Dimebag Darrell tribute show with Meldrum, Nick Bowcott(ex-Grim Reaper), cameos by Jasmine St Claire, Del Casher,Kehoe Nation, Exodus, Death Angel, Dragon Lord, Machine Head, Warren Demartini(Ratt), plus highlights of the all-star jam with Ripper Owens (ex-Judas Priest), Scott Ian (Anthrax),Vinnie Paul(Pantera), and Lemmy(Motorhead)with members of Black Label Society and Alice Cooper.

#387 Wrestle Fan Fest '07

Our coverage of the Wrestle Fan Fest at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

Interviews with Pro wrestling Greats & celebrities!Brian Knobbs(Nasty Boys),Chavo Guerrero Sr.,Demolition,actor Tony "Duke" Burton(from the "Rocky" films)Women's world boxing champion "The Knock Out" Mia St. John,Baby Doll "The Perfect 10",Former WWE/ECW Diva Dawn Marie,Actress Rena Riffle("Showgirls")"Bay Watch Babe" Traci Bingham,April Hunter,Joanie "Chyna" Laurer,& David "Bud Bundy" Faustino("Married with Children")'

Also cameos by Tanya Harding,"Rowdy Roddy Piper,Diamond Dallas Page,"Mean" Gene Okerlund,Christian Cage,Slick,One Nan Gang(Akeem),"Dr. Death" Steve Williams,Koko B. Ware,Stone Cold Steve Austin,Sunny,The Bay Bombers,& Black Pearl.

#388 "From Rock to Porn"

Featuring some drunken shenanigans from the Anon Salon (one of our favorite party hang outs; done by the guys who do Burning Man). Then, we catch U.K. cult rockers The WildHearts on their 1st SF appearance! It's another RCTV exclusive interview. Then we're in the studio with glam rock legends Jetboy as they rerecord their signature song, "Feel the Shake" for their new Glam Years DVD/CD. Lastly, we visit the headquarters of GameLink in San Francisco and interview porn star/director Tory Lane.

#389: 2007 In Review/Dublin Death Patrol

A musical Collage of every episode that aired in the year 2007.Episodes 369-388.All the bands boobs,babes and stars we partied with in '07!

Testament's Chuck Billy and former Exodus vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza are dueling frontmen in an all star bay area Thrash/cover project called "The Dublin Death Patrol".Featuring Willie Lange of Laaz Rockit and various bay area Metal musician who grew up in Dublin California.

#390 RCTV  NYC

From New York City! Realty Check's DVD release party for the "Real Rock Diva's" DVD & Ace's Birthday!Special guests girl glitter rockers the Mynks, Baptized by Fire featuring vocalist Jesse Blaze Snider(son of Twisted Sister's Dee Snider)cameos by Bobby Black(High Times Magazine)Christine Nataneal(Crusher Magazine) & Sean Yseult (ex-White Zombie,the Cramps)Live performance by the She Wolves with special guest Richie "the Emperor of Rock N' Roll" Scarlet(Ace Frehley,Sebastian Bach,Mountain) & Queen Vixen(Cycle Sluts From Hell)

#391 RCTV  NYC

Continuing our latest trip to new York city.We visit the Cable access show "Title This" with world renowned painter Mark Kostabi.Contestants come up with names for Mark's paintings for cash prized & even throws cash in to the audience!cameos by Tony Wolfman(She Wolves)Gyda Gash,& goth jewelry maker Axel.Then it's off to the Scrubs benefit concert.A charity show for fire victims.The scrubs are an amateur rock n' roll band of physicians including an Elvis impersonator!Special guests "the Emperor of Rock n' Roll" Richie Scarlet(Ace Frehley/Sebastian Bach)Anton Fig(David Letterman)and the legendary Leslie west of Mountain!

#393:Get Thrashed/Therion/Rob Halford

We attend the bay area premiere of the documentary "Get Thrashed:The Story of Thrash Metal".Produced by Rick Ernst this film is a time capsule of a forgotten yet very important era when heavy metal became faster heavier & more extreme and it started in the bay area!Thrashers from Death Angel,Forbidden,D.R.I. & Exodus are on hand for this event.Then it's Thereon!Operatic Power metal from Sweden!a unique act with a choir of male & female vocalists.Then we welcome back the "Metal God' rob Halford of Judas Priest!Rob was in town promoting the release of the live DVD "War of Words" featuring his post Priest Project from the 90's: Fight!

#394: Haight Street Fair/Summer of Love w/Jefferson Starship

Entitled "Psychedelic Milestones".It's the 30th annual Haight Street Fair with local bands Rubberside Down,Galaxxy Chamber,Chronic Narcosis,the Zoopie Show,Flexx Bronco & bay arae Funk?Metal legends Mordred. Then we hit the 40th anniversary celebration of the Summer of Love.Interviews with Liam from CBS' "Eye on The Bay",Hippie icon Wavy Gravy & the legendary Jefferson Starship.

#395: 540 Club/A Band Called Pain/Donita Sparks

It's the 5 year anniversary of the 540 Club one of our favorite hang outs/It's CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRL NIGHT!Then we hit the Cafe Dunord and see a Band Called Pain.Cameos by Bill Cutler,Ron Yocom(Sea Hags) and a live performance by Jetboy.Then it's L7's Donita Sparks solo with drummer Dee Plakas caught on the opening night of their tour.

#396:Michelle Meldrum tribute/Forbidden/Death Angel

Michelle Meldrum: We are deeply saddened at the loss earlier of this very lovely and talented woman.Here is a tribute video we put together celebrating her memory and one of a kind talent.Featuring live footage and interview out takes from her days with Phantom Blue in the 80's and 90's(look for bassist Rana Ross who also is no longer with us) and her latest project Meldrum filmed at last year's NAMM convention.We will never for get you Michelle. Bay Area Thrash legends Forbidden reunite due to popular demand!Guitarist Craig Locicero(Man Made god),Vocalist Russ Anderson(Parking Lot Prophets)bassist Matt Camacho,guitarist Glen Alvarez(ex-Testament) and fill in guest drummer Gene Hoglan(Strapping Young Lad,Meldrum,Death,Dark Angel)playing to a sold out show at Slim's in san Francisco.an historic event!  Bay area Thrash legends Death Angel caught live playing to a sold out home town crowd at the record release for their 5th studio album "Killing Season".Look for a cameo from Jello Biafra.

#398 Exotic Erotic Expo '07 w/Tera Patrick( Part 1)

Our coverage of the 28th annual Exotic Erotic Halloween Ball.This is the Expo before the ball featuring adult film stars Lisa Sparks,Holly Stevens,Sunny Lane,Kimberly Kane,Trina Michaels,Kim Chambers,Anne Marie,& Tera Patrick.Plus the Exotic Erotic Ball intro with host Paul Nathan,fetish model Jean Bardot,Racquel Devine & a live performance by the Spyders featuring Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard & John Monty(ex-M.O.D.,Mind Funk,Ministry)

#399 Exotic Erotic Ball '07 w/Danny Bonaduce

3 minute sampler of our continued coverage of the 28th annual Exotic Erotic Halloween Ball.Featuring Ball Founder Perry Mann,Elsie Love,Emily from "Sex With Emily",midget KISS tribute,Mini-KISS,Tribute band The Unauthorized Rolling Stones,TV personality Danny Bonaduce("The Partridge Family")Racquel Devine,Lots of scantily clad females,The Costume Contest & Ms. Exotic Erotic with Host Paul Nathan,Jean Bardot,Tera Patrick & Evan Seinfeld(Biohazard/The Spyderz) order the uncensored 20 minute version from www.realitychecktv.com

#400: Jason Bonham/Paul Stanley/Moonlight Bunny ranch

Episode # 400!! Drummer Jason Bohnam(son of the legendary John Bohnam of Led Zeppelin)talks about playing with classic rock legends Foreigner and filling in for his late father at the Led Zeppelin reunion.

At NAMM 2008, Former Black n' Blue Guitarist Tommy Thayer talks about going from being in the KISS tribute band Cold Gin to now stepping in to the costume and make up of Ace Frehley as a Member of KISS.The Bikini Bike wash contest Bikers & babes!

We also meet up with Paul Stanley  who talks with us about a new guitar he designed for fans to buy at an affordable price.

Moonlight Bunny ranch owner Dennis Hof celebrates his 50th B-day in grand style. 1950's theme with an Elvis impersonator,Bunny ranch honeys galore,Cameos by Joey Buttafuoce and L.A. Lakers General manager Johnny Buss.Interviews with Alexis Fire & Money Bank$,Hula Hoop contest & Ron Jeremy hosts a blow job contest!

#401: Wonder Con '08 w/Lou Ferrigno,RVD

Our annual coverage of the Sci Fi,Horror,Comic Convention,Reality TV star "Fat Momma" of Stan lee's "Who wants to be a Super Hero",Ernie Fosselius who made the cult classic spoof "Hardware Wars",Actor Bobby Clark who played "The Gorn" on the original "Star Trek,"Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam,Actress Barbara Luna who played the role of "Marlena" in the original Star Trek,Cameo by Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew(Star Wars),Actress Chase Masterson from "Star Trek:Voyager),& TV's "Incredible Hulk" Lou Ferigno.

#402: Brian Posehn,Misty Rowe,Daniel Logan

"The Lost Con interviews".These are older interviews  from the 2007 Wondercon & 2008 NAPTE conventions that were missing but recently found! Daniel Logan who played the young Boba Fett in "Star Wars:Episode 2" Former Hee Haw Honey Misty Rowe now star of her own kids show. Cameos by Noel "Lois Lane" Neil of TV's "Superman", Wildlife expert  Jack Hanna, Cable access horror Host Karlos Borloff of "Monster Madhouse" & the band the Monsterminators, Tattooed babes the Suicide Girls with an interview with Domino Suicide ,and stand up comic & TV personality Brian Posehn("Sara Silverman show") talking about his comic book series "The Last X-mas.

#403: Dizon Bikini Fashion Show

3 minute sampler of episode #403.Our friend Kris Dizon of the Dizon modeling talent agency puts on a bikini fashion show featuring the agencies' top models. Highlights of the rehearsal,a visit to radio station Wild 94.9 with morning DJ.s Strawberry & Fay,back stage shenanigans and the Fashion show with babes in bikinis!

#404: AVN '08 Part 1: Matt Zane, Static X

Our annual coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas! Interviews with Alana Evans, star of "Not The Brady XXX" and Wayne Static of Static-X, along with his wife Tera Wray. Society 1's Matt Zane attempts to break the world flesh hook suspension held by Criss Angel, The Voluptuous BBW girls, Cara Lott, Abby Winters Aussie girls with model Julietta, Hot lesbian Aussie action, Trina Michaels, a cameo by Biohazard's Even Seinfeld, and the porn star that beat lukemia, Nicki Hunter.

#405: AVN '08 Part 2 w/Taylor Wane,Gangrel,Mary Carey

We're still at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas.Society 1's Matt Zane is still hanging around,interviews with porn stars Pinky,Brandy Love,Mary Carey,Taylor Wane,fetish Model Isobel Wren,former WWE wrestler Gangrel(Vampire Warrior) "Crazy Cabbie" from the Howard Stern show,and the folks from Chronic Candy who make hemp friendly sweets! Get the complete uncensored version at www.realitychecktv.com

#406: AVN '08 part 3 w/Ron jeremy,Teri Weigel,Sunset Thomas

Concluding our visit to the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas. Interviews with Alexandra Silk,Sunset Thomas,Teri Weigel,Matt Zane breaks Criss angel's suspension record and Ron jeremy is inducted in to the erotica Hall of Fame with Brittany Andrews,Midori,Debi Diamond,& Kitten Natividad,interview with the "Exotix Comic" Lisa Lusardi and we top things off with a burlesque performance by Tera Patrick.

#407: Halloween Special ‘08

The Hollywood Grave tour! Huge and pal Dave Gephard check out famous graves in Hollywood including cecil B. Demille,Rudolf Valentino,Johnny Ramone & Mel Blanc! Drummer Dani Loble & Guitarist Sascha Gerstner of german power Metal legends Helloween give us a funny & entertaining interview.We ask them about those "other" bands Detroit's Halloween & Georgia Thrashers Hallow's Eve.The guys talk about visiting the Golden Gate bridge that day as well.sadly the only band footage we had access too was old music videos sorry!Look for a cameo by Sweden's HammerFall.

We examine former Misfits Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein's new project, Gorgeous Frankenstein, featuring ex-Misfits Drummer Dr. Chud and bassist vocalist Argyle Goolsby (also in Blitzkid). Cameos by Glen Danzig, Jerry Only and Dr. Know's Brandon Cruz. The reason there's only old Misfits clips and no live Gorgeous Frankenstein is because the band wouldn't allow us to film any songs. Also our requests for a copy of Gorgeous Frankenstein's music video to use with this were ignored.So there fore this is the result!

#408 NAMM 2008

Our annual coverage of the National Association of Music Merchants(NAMM) convention.Interviews with DeanZelinsky of Dean guitars,The Dean babes with actress /Model Lana Kinnear,members of Death Angel,Machine Head,Exodus,Blue Oyster Cult's Buck Dharma,former Ratt bassist Juan Croucier,Cult drummer John Tempesta,Dino of Devine Heresy,James Kottak of the Scorpions,Jetboy playing acoustic plus live footage of Pat Travers & Heart and loads of stuff!!

#409 Rocklahoma ’08 Part 1

Jetboy opens the afternoon in the pouring rain to some soaked die hard fans. All Girl Band from L.A. Cockpit rock the side stage to some fans wrestling in the mud! An interview with Davy Vain of San Francisco Glam legends Vain.  An interview with bassist Chip Z'Nuff of legendary glam rockers Enuff Z'Nuff. An interview with ex-Skid Row Frontman Sebastian Bach.The  episode includes live clips of House Of Lords, Dokken, Kingdom Come & Bret Michaels. Hot Jaeger babes dancing on the side stage with the band Heaven's Wish.

#410: Rocklahoma ’08 Part 2

Day 2 of our coverage of Rocklahoma. Armored Saint open on the main stage.  An interview with vocalist Corey Glover of Living Colour. The Gypsy Pistoleros from the U.K. rock the side stage with back up singer Felicity. An interview with guitarist Brad Gillis of Night Ranger..The legendary Triumph make their first live appearance in almost 20 years.Hi lights from the press conference and Q&A with Eddie Trunk.  Also interviews with Ex Anthrax singer Neil Turbin, Steven Adler, Bang Tango, &  Erocktica.

#411: Rocklahoma ’08 Part 3

WE hit an after party with he band Lure performing. Breakfast with Phil & Gonzo of Armored Saint. Black N' Blue reform to play the main stage at Rocklahoma. vocalist Jaime St. james talks about his former guitarist Tommy Thayer now playing in KISS and their stint in KISS tribute band Cold Gin.  After 13 years Trixter returns playing Rocklahoma just before the big storm hits! See our coverage from the main stage and cafeteria as heavy winds and buckets or rain drench fans and topple over the side stages! Both the North and South side stages at the Rocklahoma fest are blown down!survey of all the damage and eye witness testimony.

#412: Rocklahoma ’08 Part 4

After the storm the show resume with Lynch Mob featuring George Lynch(ex-Dokken) and Marco Mendoza(Ted Nugent/Thin Lizzy) In the pouring rain Kix rock the main stage and we talk to guitarist Brian Rorsysth (also in Rhino Bucket) In the pouring rain Lita Ford makes her triumphant return to the stage after more than a decade.Interviewed by Eddie Trunk Lita talks about her new band which features members of W.A.S.P.,Angel,Dio,& Great White.Kicking off day 4 Radio & TV personality Eddie Trunk MC's Rocklahoma & talks to us about his new project like VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" and having Judas Priest play his 25 anniversary party in 2009. Outtake from episode #412.  Zebra rockin' the main stage talking about their early NYC club days and working with orchestras.Also the Sandoval brothers from Armored Saint.

#413: Rocklahoma ’08 part 5

The legendary UFO rock the main stage.We talk to vocalist Phil Mogg and guitar great Vinnie Moore.  Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehely plays his greatest hits and we talk to band members bassist Anthony Esposito and drummer Scot Coogan(Brides of destruction)who have some interesting stories about the Space Ace! Dirty Penny: Stealing the show on the side stage these Santa Cruz Glam Rockers are bringing back the rock to a new generation!Cameo by Lee from the Gypsy Pistoleros. TESLA:Interview with drummer Troy Luccketta and new guitarist Dave Rude and some great live footage!  Still rockin after all these years we get the latest from Ron Keel! Outtake The Bullet Boys wrap things up other special guest Felicity and inviting a few fans up to singtheir hit "Smooth up in ya”.  Backstage drunken shenanigans with the hottest new rednecks of Rock n' Roll the Texas Hippie Coalition!  Also live clips of Axe,Steelheart, & Queensryche.

#414:  Absinthe Party

"Absinthe Minded".Ace attends "Fashion A Go Go" with hot models and psych billy bands like Miss Fire and the Detonations,The Rockets and a cameo by Chuck worthy of the Lust Killers.   Next Ace interviews adult film star Eva Angelina at the offices of Gamelink. Then we top things off at the Whisper club for Louche's Absinthe Party.Hosted by our pal magician Paul Nathan featuring burlesque performers,music,acrobats and some naughty fun! Yo Yo master Mr.popular,Lounge singer Mr.Lucky,comic acrobat Frank Olivier,various hotties taking off their clothe and naked harp and opera!!

#415: 2008 in review/Uli Roth

Guitar Legend Uli Roth (Ex-Scorpions) displaying his wizardry and meeting his fans at a tiny club in San Francisco.Cameo By Debbie Gunn of Sentinel Beast. Out take See every episode that aired un the year 2008 in 20 minutes set to some rockin' tunes!You'll see episodes 389-414 and a final goodbye to those ewe lost in ’08.

# 416: Kitzo heathen Exodus,NYC underground

One of the hottest underground clubs in Brooklyn. Interviews with local band The Mighty Fine "The handsomest band in New York."Live footage of punk rockers the Shemps, dancing girls, and promoter Dean Rispler( ex-Murphy's Law, Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black)

Skitzo featuring Lance Ozanyx "The Barf Boy". This was their CD release party.Lance talks about how his infamous TV appearances on shows like "Jerry Springer"and "Judge Judy"and how they've been financially rewarding.Also see Lance Puke!!!

You'll see a lot of our hang out crowd in this clip.Lost of drunken shenanigans at Annie's Social Club in San Francisco,Reality Chicks,members of the band Bite,live footage of the All Time Highs with Mark Osegueda from Death Angel,Tina Sullivan of Metal Fan Zine Killdren,Count Dante, and the one time only reunion of Bimbo Toolshed!A popular local band in the mid 90's featuring Shelly Cardiff on guitar now with Girlband and Turbo Negra.

#417: Exotic Erotic '08 Part 1  w/Heather Chadwell,Nina Hartley

This video was BANNED BY YOU TUBE!!.Part 1 of our coverage of the 29th annual Exotic Erotic Halloween Ball this year held at Treasure Island in San Francisco.Featuring Porn stars Mika Tan,elena heiress,Ms Lady, and Nina Hartley who talks about playing Hilary Clinton in the porn parody "Nailin Palin.",bizarre artist "Pricasso"The penis painter(You read right!),also featuring the Snake Babe,Smash Up Derby,Exotic Erotic MC Paul Nathan,and reality TV star the lovely Heather Chadwell from VH1's "Rock Of Love","Charm School",and "I Love Money".

#418: Exotic Erotic '08 part 2 w/Danny Bonaduce,Tone Loc

Part 2 of our coverage of the 29th annual Exotic Erotic Halloween Ball at Treasure Island in San Francisco.Featuring adult Film stars Miley Moore & Ms. Lady.Brad Gillis of Night Ranger,Exotic Erotic founder Perry Mann,Danny Bonaduce,and Tone Loc.Live performance clips of the Genitortureres,Kitten On The Keys,Porcelin Twins,Rocky Horror picture Show,Costume contest and Vh1's Heather Chadwell("Rock Of Love",Charm School","I Love Money") helps Ball MC Paul Nathan and Danny Bonaduce judge the Mr Ms. Exotic Erotic Contest.

#419: Echoes of Eternity/Sentinel Beast/Hellion (Female Metal singers)

Echoes of Eternity:The band talks about their debut album "The Forgotten Goddess" and vocalist Francine Boucher talks about appearing in Revolver Magazine's "Hottest Chicks In Metal" special. Vocalist Debbie Gunn with her hot young all new line up of 80's Thrash Metal band Sentinel Beast! Debbie talks about the glory days of the thrash scene,from fronting Sentinel Beast to joining Znowhite,all girl band Ice Age,leaving the music scene and then coming back to reform the band she made a name with! Ann Boleyn is one of the pioneers of women in Metal.From her start trying out for the Runaways,appearing in B-Movies,to her many years fronting cult legends Hellion,and running her own record label Ann has done it all.Currently fronting 80's Thrash greats Detente,we catch up with Ann at the tidal Wave Fest in San Francisco.Cameo by Gary Holt of Exodus.

#420 Tidal wave 11 w/Exodus,Hirax & More!

Tidal Wave is an annual Free Metal Fest held in San Francisco.. 3 of the original members and a legendary new vocalist make their return/debut performance! Detente released their lone yet now classic debut album in 1986. Vocalist Dawn Crosby who went on to for Fear of God in the early 90's but died in 1996. So now the band has reformed with Hellion's Ann Boleyn to play these forgotten classics! Outtake from episode #420. Bay Area hardcore crossover legends Attitude Adjustment at the Tidal wave Metal fest in San Francisco. Attitude Adjustment: Recently reformed by original drummer Chris Kontos(ex-Machine Head,Verbal Abuse,Servants) and little known original vocalist Kevin Reed(he never sang on any recordings) Chris talks about the controversy surrounding the band who in the 80's changed their name to Condemned Attitude,then Attitude while another version of AA formed,the Attitude morphed in to Two Bit Thief but is now back to break new ground. Thrash legends Hirax ripping it up at the Tidal Wave Metal fest in San Francisco. Intense stage dive mosh pit action with Katon and the boys! The mighty Exodus headline the Tidal wave Metal fest in San Francisco. Intense pit action and a Lesson in Violins!

#426: Wonder Con '09 Part 1:Richard Kiel,David Hedison,RW Goodwin

our annual coverage of the Wonder Con a Comic Book Sci Fi  Geek fest!We meet with the cast of the new sci fi B Film "Alien Trespass:Dan Lauria,Eric McCormack,Jenni Baird and RW Goodwin." We meet actor David Hedison from TV's "Voyage to The Bottom of The Sea" and the Sci Fi Classic "The Fly",Courtney Gains from "Children of The Corn",E.G. Daily from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure","Valley Girl" and the voice of "Buttercup" on "The Powerpuff Girls",former child star Oliver Robins("Poltergeist',"Airplane!"),and we top it off with 7 foot Richar "Jaws" Kiel from the James Bond films "Moonraker" and "The Spy Who Loved Me."

#427: Wonder Con 09 part 2:Virginia Madsen,Adam West

Our continued coverage of the annual comic/sci fi/Horror convention.we meet our old pal Keith Knight of that nationally syndicated comic strip "The Knight Life",actor Geoffrey Lewis(father of Juliette Lewis)best known for his role in Clint Eastwood's "Every which Way But Loose"and "Salem's Lot",Academy award nominee Virginia Madsen who does the voice of "Queen Hippolyte" in the animated "Wonder Woman" DVD film,Bruce Timm producer of the may great Warner DC super hero animation shows,Malachi Throne best remembered for his portrayal of "False Face" on the 60's Batman Series and speaking of which an "Exclusive:Adam West!!

#428: Wonder Con 2009 Part 3:Erin Esurrance,Honky Tonk Man

Our continued coverage of the annual Comic/Sci Fi/Horror convention.We meet some fans in classic Jules Verne story costumes,Actress Mo Mellady who does the voice of Erin Esurance from the Esurrance commercials,Gary Lockwood from the sci fi classic "2001:A Space Odyssey",Stuntman James Winburn who played Michael Muers in the original "Halloween",Zoe Bell star of the internet show "Angel of death" and did the stunts on "Xena"Warrior Princess",former WWE/ECW Diva Dawn Marie,WWE Hall of Fame Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and WWE legend The Honky Tonk Man.

#429: Wonder Con '09 Part 4:Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher

The conclusion of our coverage.This is the "Star Wars/Trek" edition! We meet with Trevor Roth C.O.O. of Gene Roddenberry Productions,actor Barry Jenner("Star Trek:Deep Space 9")The loveley Chase Masterson("Star Trek Voyager") Anthony Forest who played The Stormtrooper from the first "Star Wars film with the immortal line "These aren't the droids we're looking for."Then an exclusive Carrie"Princess Leia" Fisher and the mighty Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill!!

#430: She-wolves/Testament NYE Bash

NYC's The She Wolves and their new line up at the beginning of a short west coast tour. New songs and classics from the Cycle Sluts From Hell!

Testament headlines on New Year's Eve with Laaz Rockit,Dublin Death Patrol and Dragonlord. Interviews with vocalist Chuck Billy,guitarist Eric Peterson and Exodus' Lee Altus.

#431: AVN 2009 Part 1!Sunset Thomas,Echo Valley

Our Annual coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.This year we meet up with old friends like Sunset Thomas,Echo Valley, and Alana Evans.New interviews with Tommy Gunn,Satine Phoenix,Joanna Angel and the debut of our new Reality Chick Cathy M*E*T*A*L* and her 36K weapons!!Cameo by Ron Jeremy.

#432: AVN 2009 Part 2! Lisa Ann,Dennis Hof

Continuing our coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo with Shayla Leveau,Playboy Model Terry Austin,Dennis Hof,Sunny Lane,Oz Fest's Big Dave,Lisa Ann(star of “Who’s Nailin’ Palin”) and our newest Reality Chick Cathy *M*E*T*A*L* with her 36K Weapons!

#433: AVN  2009 part 3:Mary Carey,Air force Amy

The Thrilling Conclusion of our coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo featuring Dana De Armond,Air force Amy,Mary Carey,Dennis Hof,Elena heiress,Lisa Sparxx and our Reality chick Cathy *M*E*T*A*L* gets her awesome rocking boobs painted and plastered!Then we hit a night club and see our friends in The She Wolves!

#434 NAMM ‘09

Ace interviews producer Andy Sneap(Megadeth.Machine Head,Skinlab) about his new projects and his band Sabbat Grammy award winning producer/Musician Bob Kullick one of our favorite people! Featuring a cameo by Death Angels' Ted Aguilar. We meet up with our drummer friends Jon Allen(Sadus/Testament) and John Tempesta(the Cult,Rob/White Zombie,Testament,Exodus) We welcome back Jacoby & the boys from Papa Roach. Velvet Revolver bassist Duff Mckagan(ex-Guns n' Roses) talks about his punk project Loaded.

#435: Lauren Harris/Angel/Starz/Anvil

being on tour for the first time and being the first female rocker to perform in India.With bassist Randy Gregg of Angel(ex-She Wolves)

We welcome back 70's Classic Rockers Starz live and interviewed in san Francisco jamming with members of Jetboy! Angel Legendary 70's band with original members Frank Dimino(vocals)and Barry Brandt(drums)with Keyboardist Michael T. Ross(Lita Ford) and basssist Randy Gregg(Lauren Harris/ex-She Wolves) We sit down once again with Canadian Metal legends Anvil:Lips,Robb Reiner,& G5. With the documentary film "Anvil: The Story of Anvil" picking up momentum since our last interview,the band after 34 years is finally enjoying success. at a special screening of the film the audience is treated to a live performance  at San Francisco's Bridge movie theater. The band is very happy and hear words of wisdom on believing in yourself.

#436 w/Star Trek’s Georeg Tekai

The Butlers a  collection of local musicians playing classic covers by AC/DC,Thin Lizzy,UFO,Def Lepard etc. Featuring Billy Rowe(Jetboy/American Heartbreak) Mike Butler(jetboy/Exodus/American Heartbreak) Craig Beerhorst (Ruffians) and a guest appearance by Jimmy Crucifix(Proudflesh)Look for cameos by Death Angel's will Carrol & local DJ Nikki Black(107.7 The Bone) Actor George Takei best known for his portrayal of Mr. Sulu on the original TV series Gives us an exclusive interview and  his thoughts on the latest Star Trek film. Outtake from episode #436:We hit the 31st annual St Stupid's day parade.Every April 1,Bishop Joey of the Church of The Last Laugh gathers his minions and they invade down town San Francisco in various colorful costumes spreading silliness and stupidity every where! See the Local Stock Exchange become the Sock Exchange!! Cameos by members of famed drag queen nuns the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,the 12 galaxies protester guy,Cable access icon Bug Girl and the world’s mist famous hippie Wavy Gravy!

#525: NAMM Show

Our annual coverage of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMMM) show presented in association with Artist Head. First we attend the Namm Metal Jam! We meet up with session keyboard player Michael T Ross who has been seen on our show before playing with the likes of Lita Ford,Angel,Missing persons & More!

We talk to up & coming guitar shredder Joe Gettler who is stoked to be jamming out with some heavy hitters at the Namm Metal Jam.

Shredding the Envelope guitarist talks about his various projects and shreds for us.

Bassist Rev Jones of Steelheart talks about playing in his other projects with Leslie West of Mountain and Michael Schenker.

Vocalist/drummer Jeff Martin of Racer X,Badlands & more rocks some Judas Priest and talks about his long career.

Former Anthrax vocalist Neil Turbin(Death Riders) rocks some Motorhead and gives us the latest.. Then it's Day 1 of the Namm show! Reality Check TV's Ace & Artist Head's Robe Williams explains what Artist  head is all about and how it can help up & coming artists.

We say hello to a few of our friends our friends from the San Francisco Bay Area including local all girl band Fantasia, Funk legend Bootsy Collins signing autographs and more.

Guest interviewer Shannon talks to the Warrior Spirit band a group of ex Iraq and Vietnam war veterans.

We talk to Michael Ciravolo president of guitar manufacturers Schecter talks about making guitars and not forgetting about being that kid that bought his first guitar.

Robe Williams of Artist head interviews famed session bass player Antonio Newman about his new documentary,music and more.REALITY


Part 2 of our coverage of NAMM 2012! We talk to a cute female musician, Slip Knot's Corey Taylor, Elvis??? A guy playing some sick classical guitar,Barbara Gorin of the "Guitars Not Guns" organization, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue's Rotating Drums,Neal Schon of Journey signing autographs

with his controversial mistress Michelle Salahi at his side, & Mike Inez of Alice in Chains

Robe Williams of Artist Head interviews Jetboy Guitarist Billy Rowe about his line of customized vintage guitars. Dave Allen of Dave Allen pickups about his product. Ace interviews the man behind Dean Markley strings and other products himself Dean Markley! Then we meet Metal band Atreyu.

We talk to our old friend Eric Mcfadden of Georg Clinton's Parliament and the Eric Mcfadden Experience. We talk to Tenacious D's John Spiker about his various projects. TheWorld'sYoungest Rock Band Haunted by Heroes rock the NAMM show ,give us the latest and model their new customized jackets.

Our old buddy John tempesta getting ready to hit the stage drumming for Testament. John talks about playing with the Cult,starting out as Anthrax's Drum tech, and his years with Whit Zombie & Exodus. Cameo by Death Angel's Ted Aguilar.

Exodus Bassist Jack Gibson talks about touring supporting Iron Maiden and playing to big crowds.

Evan Seinfeld(Ex-Biohazard) and guitarist Rusty Coones talk about their new project Attika 7.

Dio guitarist Craig Goldy talks about help he's doing with younger artists and the Dio Disciples Tribute band he's in.

The legenart Rudy Sarzo jamming on some Dio tells us about the Dio Disciples tribute project,playing with Blue Oyster Cult & more! Cameo by Mr. Big's Billy Sheehan!


The Thrilling conclusion of our coverage of NAMM 2012! We meet the Schecter Guitar babes! Lita Ford,signing a hot model tells us about a recording studio, Gene Hoglan(Dethklock,Strapping Young Lad,Testament,Dark Angelmembers of Slipknot, )Jeff & Phil from Armored Saint,Blue Oyster Cult Acoustic performance,Testament's Alex Skolnick,Bruce Kullick(ex-KISS) George Lynch(Ex-Dokken) & Los Lobos' Cesar Rosas taking pix with fans and if you can name any of the other artists appearing in this please tell us!

Former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult talks about her book "I'm in the band" and her new all star project Star & Dagger(who did RCTV's Theme song!)

We talk to our good friend Dava She Wolf(Ex-Cycle Sluts from Hell/Shewolves) about playing with Sean Yseult in their new band Star & Dagger,recording our theme song and drink sone Jaeger!

The ever outspoken Pete Dee(guitarist of the Adicts) talks punk rock, The music business and a great road story!

Mr. BIg Bass master Billy Sheehan (Ex-Talas/David Lee Roth) Talks about reuniting with his old band.

Shock Rock Legend Alice Cooper signing for fans and we talk to bassist Chuck Garric about playing with the one & only!

Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee talks about the writing process of the band's new songs.

Megadeth's Dave Ellefson talks about his Youtube channel and book to help aspiring musicians make it in the industry

Anthrax bassist Frank Bello talks about of the success of their album "Worship Music" and tour with killer  live footage.

We welcome back former KISS guitarist Bruce Kullick talking about playing in Grand Funk Railroad,his latest solo album & more.

We catch up with our old friend Eric Singer of KISS talking about the latest KISS album Monster.

We get a word with Poison bassist Bobby Dall!

We wrap things up with our very well endowed Reality Chick Cathy  *M*E*T*A*L* as she meets the mighty Rob Halford of Judas Priest and gives him an RCTV T-shirt and take some pix.


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