RCTV is proud to note that the show has influenced many viewers to follow their dreams. Several locally produced cable TV shows cite Reality Check TV as their inspiration. An Emmy Award winning producer credits RCTV as an early influence. A local concert promoter says he got into the business because of all the great bands he saw on Reality Check. And recently, a metal head from Texas made the move to the Bay Area because he watched RCTV on the internet.

Join Reality Check TV and our thousands of fans, friends, guest stars as together we support creativity in the Bay Area and Beyond.

Reality Check TV (RCTV) is the television showcase for alternative celebrities, cutting edge performance, the hottest underground bands and the world's strangest nightclubs. RCTV is an all access backstage pass, a perpetual name on the guest list and an invitation into the underground scene! Reality Check shoots live on location, showing actual performances mixed with exclusive backstage interviews, humorous commentary and the adventures of the RCTV hosts and crew.

In the 90‘s RCTV began it’s trademark efforts to showcase San Francisco underground clubs, emerging artist, avant-garde theatre and local events.

The Climate Theater, Anon Salon, Haight Ashbury and Folsom Street Fairs, Nadine’s Wild Weekend, The Black and White Ball, Terminator, Maritime Hall, Stinky’s Peepshow, Incredibly Strange Wrestling and Verbum Be In were all showcased, including the beginnings of Bay Area stalwarts such as Tidal Wave, Bondage A Go Go, Deathguild, Booty and even 90’s era Burning Man coverage.

RCTV launched the first TV show on the web with small 10 frames per second versions of episodes. Tiny and slow, Reality Check TV web clips were still a wild success.

In the 2000s while conventional media was awash in tales of Silicon Valley, Reality Check TV forged ahead to bring viewers the wild and creative side of the Bay Area and Beyond. Staying true to it’s roots, RCTV covered local bands and events while taking viewers on the road to AVN in Las Vegas, Rocklahoma in Oklahoma, Tattoo the Earth in New York and even to Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania.

Since it’s early years, Reality Check TV has supported the San Francisco media community. RCTV was a member and supporter of Artist Television Access, the famous Valencia Street studio/showcase for emerging video producers. RCTV played an active role in the original Cable Access Channel 29 and Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) not only as members and producers but also teaching and encouraging other local video creators.

Early 1990's magazine advertisement

The hosts are the "Four Who Have Fun” Danny, Huge, Ace and Dragon Dave.  The fun continues with co hosts Scotty, Ron Skullsmasher and other famous (and infamous) Celebrity Hosts. Now franchising across the US, Reality Check TV is in Sacramento, CA starring hosts Cameraman Kev and Shell and plus a team of co-hosts.  The RCTV family includes Cameraman Scott, Cameraman Brett and the ever popular female empowering Reality Chicks.

RCTV has broadcast over 680 half hour episodes, 5 one hour specials, streaming live video specials and posted thousands of clips online. Reality Check footage has been seen on E! True Hollywood stories, on MTV, on ABC NEWS and in several award winning film and video documentaries.

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What is Reality Check TV? The first gonzo entertainment news show!